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Project Manager
DIDACTICA, Higher School of Management and Information Technologies

Mr Mohamed SAAD LAIB is an international consultant in ICT4D he is the General Manager of DIDACTICA, Higher School of Management and IT in Algeria and one of founders of AL AWAEL Education and Learning (Primary, College and Secondary school) the both are leader institutions in Algeria using ICT in their curricula since beginner of 90 years of the past century. His activities are mainly oriented to use ICT4D in education and learning and how to set policies and strategies to reach targets in the high level of decision and policy makers.

Mr Mohamed SAAD LAIB is the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) regional coordinator of GKP (Global Knowledge Partnership, ) and a member of membership committee.

Chief, Information Technology
Ministry of Housing

Nawaf M. Abdulrahman is Chief, Information Technology, Ministry of Housing, Bahrain, Vice President of Bahrain Internet Society and Head of the Jury & Technical Committee in Bahrain eContent Award Nawaf oasts 12 years of experience in the IT field with proven ability to manage large scale projects through the entire lifecycle.
Nawaf has an MBA with concentration in Finance & Bachelor in Information Technology; he is also CISA, ITIL & MCSE.  He worked in many project through Bahrain Internet Society such as IT Future Leaders pr the eCitizens which aims to train the citizen in basic computing. Furthermore, he worked in many projects through his professional career such as a unique unified communications solution which considered the first of its kind in the Middle East.
Nawaf conducted several courses, workshops and lectures in IT related topics such as "Users Awareness in Information Technology", "How Information Technology Empowering People" and "The Information Technology and The Youth Opportunities".

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Computer Center Baghdad University

Ghassan H. Abdul-Majeed graduated in Electronic Engineering and works as Director of the Computer Center of Baghdad University. Being member of various science committees in- and outside Iraq, he also evaluates technical papers for journals and is adminsitrator of several Exam Centers. He has over 25 years of teaching and training experience and is the author of more than 70 papers and 7 books related to Computer Science.

Head of ICT Industry Capacity Building Sector
Information Technology Industry Development Agency- ITIDA

Ahmed Yahia Darwish, has an expanding portfolio of qualifications in industry development with the focus on SMEs development acquired throughout twenty six years of working experience covering program management at national level, ICT technical background, B2B/G2B/G2G/G2C business development, capacity building projects at the institutional and professional levels. 
Leveraging on his full time work he pursued his career as a Industry Capacity Building Director responsible for capacity building programs at national level as the backbone of ITIDA’ strategy and the guarantor of sustainable development of the ICT sector in Egypt. He manages a number of programs that have been designed and devised with a focus on developing the skills of the ICT workforce for individuals and companies. These programs focus on providing the needed skill sets, either technical or managerial, to entry level employees, middle managers and chief executives. 
He designed and managed (Grow IT) as ITIDA’s core program of building institutional capacity of the ICT SMEs in cooperation with highly ranked international consultancy firms (Atos, Hewitt, Arthur D. Little, QAI and CID) to increase the international competitiveness of 100 Egyptian ICT companies that are existing exporters, or who have export potential. 
He succeeded to manage independently the Management Development Programs (Manage IT) aim at preparing managers at the start of their managerial careers to deal with higher levels of management responsibilities based on the latest techniques and international standards and focus on building the capacity of SMEs through providing the ICT calibers with the managerial skills, knowledge and the best practices.
He succeeded to design and implement (Finance IT) program in cooperation with the Egyptian banking sector for the first time in Egypt. In cooperation with the banking sector three lines of credit have been customized to meet the business needs of the ICT SMEs and to help them facing the economical instability.
In addition to his efforts in building the Capacity of the ICT SMEs, Ahmed has designed and implemented the National ICT Companies Database, that contains all registered ICT companies as the only centralized reference for all the ICT Sector in Egypt.     
On the professional designations level, he is a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI), Board Member, and Eminent Expert of the World Summit Award (WSA).

Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems
Hadramout university of since and technology

Abu Baker Sheikh is Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems (MIS) and Director of the Information Center(1999-2001) at the, University of Hdramout . After more than 10 years Experience in IT as, government administrator, senior executive, consultant and programming development .

outside Yemen: (1) from (1989-1990) worked with government institution of civil information (state of Kuwait) as systems test . (2) trainig course in (IMPS) USA(1993) .

BUSINESS EXPERIENCE : Consultant and improving business process performance of mor than 10 companies and training institute in yemen . Abubaker received his Bachelors in Statistics at Kuwait University, Kuwait(1984), his MBA(2003) and PhD(2006) in MIS from the Sudan university of science and technology ,Sudan.

General Manager

Faouzi Zaghbib is expert in information technologies, General Manager of R2i (an IT firm) and Founder of ESPRIT (Tunisian university specialized in engineering & ICT).  From 1981, Mr Zaghbib conducted information systems projects and implemented ICT solutions for public services and enterprises in many countries. Mr Zaghbib is an active member of numerous organizations. He is the Chairman of the Tunisian ICT Federation (UTICA-FED-TIC), and member of WITSA (the World IT & Services Alliance), founder member of IJMA3 (the Arab IT Association) and AFICTA (the African IT Association) and several national and regional committees in charge of capacity building, ICT governance, eCommerce, ICT4D, education and research.
Since 2003, he is member of the WSIS organization and follow-up committee. Mr Zaghbib is graduated in economic sciences (Tunis University – 1977), engineer in computer science (Tunis University – 1981), certified in business management (Beyster Institute at the Ready School of San Diego, University of California– 2004) and certified for ICT security auditing (ANSI – 2006).

Chief of Innovation Section

Dr. Nibal Idlebi is the chief of Innovation Section at ESCWA and a senior expert in KnowledgeSociety. She has wide experience in ICT policies and strategies, legal and regulatory frameworks of Information Society, e-services with focus on e-government and development of digital content. She leads a number of regional initiatives for developing knowledge society in the Arab region especially “The Digital Arabic Content Initiative” and the “The Regional Harmonization of Cyber Legislation in the Arab region”. Ms. Idlebi is the focal point of ESCWA in various UN Working Groups related to cyber safety and ICT and Gender, and she was a dynamic member of many Arab ICT Working groups. Ms. Idlebi is also a Jury member of various e-Content and e-government Awards and Innovation and entrepreneurship competitions.

Before joining ESCWA, she was Deputy Minister at the Ministry of Communications and Technology (MCT), and a lecturer in ICT at the Higher Institute of Applied Science & Technology (HIAST) in Syria.

Dr. Nibal Idlebi has an engineering degree from “Ecole Supérieure d’Electricité (Supelec)” in France, and a Ph.D in computer science from Nancy 1 University in France with specialization in Parallel Processing and distributed systems.

Dean, Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology
University of Science and Technology

Aside from his function as World Summit Award National Expert for Sudan, Dr. Noureldien Abdelrahman Noureldien serves as both, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology at the University of Science & Technology, and as ICT Advisor to the National Information Center, Khartoum, Sudan.

IT Consultant
Hamsafar eSolutions

Ehssan Riazi Esfehani, born in 1982, is an IT consultant and eSolutions project manager working with governmental and private organizations in Iran and abroad in order to help develop better e-contents and e-solutions. He has helped in development of e-contents and narrowing the digital gap by writing in different IT and economical papers, having many media interviews, working closely with ICT reporters, speaking at conferences and writing on the web. Ehssan has been the co-founder of “e-solutions festival” ( since 2004, the first contest on e-content and digital media in Iran which has also served as the national approved contest for WSA05 , WSA07 and WSA09. He is the current chairman of “e-solutions festival”.
Ehssan has also organized the first WSA Road Show in Iran to help Iranian experts and solution developers get better understandings of the WSA key matters and get more familiar with the world's best in e-content. Ehssan encourages Iranian developers to promote their products and show them opportunities to have a bigger share in e-Activities in the world through.

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eContent Alchemist & Activist; Advisor to the Minister
Kuwait Council of Ministries

Manar AlHashash is a Computer Engineer from Kuwait, holding a master degree (MBA) with focus on Management of Information Technology. Based on that academic technical background, Manar works in two parallel lines, technical and social with an experience of 15 years in Kuwait, the region and worldwide. She is the co-founder of DotDesign, a software development company which developed the first mobile game application in Kuwait market in 2004, followed by many projects with the latest “Merzaam” and “Alzebda”, a smart aggregator for popular news both on the web and AppStore. She had also pursued with a technical focus as a programmer, system analyst and concluded being an IT audit Team leader at Kuwait Fund for Economic Development in 2009.  On the other hand, she multi-tasks several activities with her main goal “Promote ICT in society for Development”. Since 1999, Manar has been involved in media and public work in many ways to achieve that goal. She prepares and presents a weekly IT program on Kuwait Satellite Channel in Arabic as well as in English.

In 2004 Ms. AlHashash launched and Managed a Local e-Content Annual Contest under the name of “Ghiras electro Contest” which aims at youths in Kuwait (14-22yrs) competing for Best website design, Best Presentation, Best Graphic design and Best mobile e-greeting card, all focus on local content. In 2008 she worked in KFAS*on establishing Kuwait eContent Award, an open competition for the public, in collaboration with the World Summit Award (WSA). Manar also has rich experience in the press media publishing for IT, as she wrote a weekly IT page for  an official daily newspaper (Al Watan) in Kuwait from 2000 till 2005, where she concluded that experience by launching the IT magazine "Dot" of which she was the founder and Chief Editor. As a student Manar was awarded an IEEE for her outstanding Internet and e-Commerce projects in 2000. In addition to being a member in WSA board of directors since 2006, Manar was a member of the High-Level Panel of Advisers of Gaid – United nations, and in 2008 she was appointed as the first eLeader for Youth and Technology by Gaid – United nations, where one of the assignments she worked on was producing a Strategy for Youth and Technology for Development for the UN.

*KFAS: Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences

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