WSA World Congress 2009 Mexico

The World Summit Award Winners’ Gala was celebrated in Monterrey, Mexico, on September 2, 2009 in collaboration with the UN GAID’s Global Forum. In Monterrey, the winners were able to presented their award-winning products at the two day WSA Winners Conference and Exhibition.

Gala event pictures can be viewed here and product videos on the projects on the WSA Channel!


The WSA Gala was generously supported by our Mexican partner under the leadership of Mr. Ramón Alberto Garza of Indigo Brainmedia.

"At the World Summit Awards 2007 Gala in Venice, it was made vividly clear that we are at the threshold of a new revolution that will eliminate the role of media as epicentres of information, giving every single human being the opportunity to become a generator and broadcaster of multimedia content."

Ramón Alberto Garza President & CEO, Indigo Brainmedia  WSA Hosting Partner of Monterrey Events and WSA Sponsor