Winners' Testimonials

Elad Daniel from

The WSA Gala was moving, professionally planned and executed. Being back home our whole team - and related companies - were boasting with pride. We were very happy with the UN's official recognition we got to our effort making the world a healthier place.

Jeremy Friedberg from Genomics Digital Lab

A remarkable event celebrating creative minds from across the planet!

Frank Vrabel from Newstin

It was absolutely fantastic to meet all the bright people who are driving the innovations in a global scale!

William Then from Integrated Court System (ICS)

Winning the WSA is a benchmark of the quality and impact of our products and our capabilities. We are very proud of it and it's a big confidence boost to the project team of Integrated Court System and to the company collectively. The Gala Celebrations were a grand event. I was honoured to be there, among the world's best. Winning WSA really motivated and energized us. It has proven that we are a world class team building world class solutions!

Eduardo Roman Cisneros from uTour

Certainly this award has opened some doors. It was a good experience, and not only winning the award, but having the chance to know other people, their ideas, etc. That's the important thing I guess!

Filip Meuris from MyMachine

The atmosphere at the gala was great. The dynamism from the WYSA youngsters sent vibes into the plenum. Everybody left with a smile on his face. We left the WSA with enlightened spirit and above all: Ambitious. The WSA set our agenda for the next two years. We received national attention from general press, educational press, business press, and government publications.!

Stephen DeMuth from A Journey into Time Immemorial

Being reviewed and judged against so many others places us on a much higher plain, we can refer to awards such as this in our promotional media and convey to clients the quality of work we deliver. Thank you again for allowing us to participate and making the conference such an enlightening and rewarding experience!

Petra Rietsch from EDysGate

EDysgate was developed by an international European partnership. The development was funded by the EC in the GRUNDTVIG Programme line 2004-2006. The winning was and is an important dissemination activity, it supports the acceptance and by this the exploitation of the product. And it supported our application for the extension of the project successfully!